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Jo Foley

Jo Foley has been visiting and reviewing spas across four continents for more than quarter of a century. She has watched as they have morphed from fat farms to pleasure palaces to wellness retreats and medispas. She loves Thai massage, walking meditation and acupuncture and while she can judge a therapist from the first touch she can spot a charlatan at fifty paces. A devotee of India she has, over the last few years, become a huge fan and proselytiser of European spas – of their traditions and offerings and also how they have adapted and evolved since the time of the Roman baths. Irish by birth and allegiance, she lives in London which she considers the best city on earth. A freelance editor, writer and consultant she has worked for publications in Europe, the US, Asia and Australia…she is passionate about the need for space in people’s lives to refresh and repair and for SILENCE From bases on 3 continents, ….covers the most memorable and decadent destinations around the world for publications including The New York Times, Travel & Leisure and How To Spend It. Twitter - @jofoley8

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