Sheriden Rhodes

Sheriden Rhodes' love of travel was born on a black cab ride through the foggy streets of London – jet lagged and wide eyed on her first overseas holiday as an eight year old. At age 10 she decided to become a journalist, and after leaving school found work on a country newspaper before progressing to a major city daily. Somewhere along the way she figured out how to combine her love of writing with her inherent gypsy nature, kicking off a career as a travel writer. She’s never looked back. Today she writes for newspapers, magazines and websites. She was the Melbourne Editor of the Luxe Guide for almost a decade and is a regular contributor to the Sydney Morning Herald. You’ll most likely find her in a café somewhere, having unearthed the city’s best latte, or sipping mojitos under a coconut tree. She is addicted to islands, good coffee and exploring new places without an itinerary. "It still astounds me that you can step off a plane, a boat or train into an entirely different world than the one you've left behind - with distinct smells, different people, food and customs. As they say, travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.”

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