If yoga, hiking and vegan food is your ethos, then Aro-ha is one of the world's best

Aro-ha in New Zealand

Could Aro-ha be one of the most incredible retreat destinations on earth? We think so! Aro-ha is located in one of the most stunning places on earth -  not far from Queenstown in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. One of the world's only off-the-grid retreats, Aro-ha is all eco and sustainable. It runs on hydro and solar power with the buildings crafted from recycled timber.  with views over a pristine mountain landscape. Select from 4, 5 and 6-night retreats that consist of daily hikes, twice-daily yoga, pilates, meditation, workshops, a divine day of silence and so much more. Even the most reluctant yogi won’t be able to resist the sunrise yoga sessions -  where you witness mother nature in all her beauty.


Sleep in zen cedar cabins overlooking Lake Wakatipu and surrounded by pristine mountains  There is a mix of private to 2 and 3 bedroom cozy cabins – all designed with serenity in mind plus there’s plenty of space for solo downtime.There’s no phones or s wifi in any of the communal spaces and who needs all of this noise anyway? Aro-ha is all about connecting with nature, others and self.


Your day begins with a gong at 6.30 am for morning yoga followed by a healthy vegan breakfast. The daily schedule is (kind of) optional and may include pilates, nutrition workshops, massage, evening yoga, meditation and more. The high-point for most are the rather rigorous sub-alpine hikes through the spirit-lifting landscape.


Mindful and meditative eating is key here. It’s all about alkalizing your body with anti-inflammatory, gluten-free, fermented, sprouted, planet-based, and dehydrated foods. Around 40% of your food on your plate derives from the on-site veggie garden and greenhouse - don’t be surprised if your raspberries were handpicked that very morning.


Let's just say we are totally obsessed with the spa! Or rather, the lack of one. There’s no spa menu, fuss or fluff. Once again, mother nature takes center stage. Wellness is all about open-air hot and icy cold plunge pools with views over the mountains – expect lots of laughter and good times here! Warm your bones in a stunningly-designed traditional sauna or the Infrared Sauna.  Your daily treatment is simply a deep tissue massage delivered by masterful practitioners - sometime during the afternoon you are tapped on the shoulder and informed it's time for your nurturing treatment - this is one of our favorite spa concepts in the world!i

If good food, hiking, and yoga is your thing and you can afford it, don't miss a wellbeing retreat at Aro-ha.