OM – meditation goes mainstream!

A new wave of healing is happening as meditation goes mainstream. Below are 8 picks of where to go to cultivate inner stillness. Slow down, breathe and be in the moment.  (Photo courtesy of founder of

MDFUL in New York Book your cushion is the vibe at this boutique meditation brand with studios situated in Greenwich Village and Williamsburg. Like a yoga studio, but with a menu of meditations, select from 30-45-minute guided sessions. Sessions include breath, intention, heart, kids and mama sessions. Even better drop by for a $5 self-guided practice anytime!

HAPPY MELON in Melbourne There is several styles of meditation on the menu at Melbourne's hippest boutique mediation yoga studio. And with a menu of  Clear, Calm, Connect or Deepen, you are bound to find a style that works for you. The beauty of Happy Melon (aside from the stunning serene interiors) is that the meditation sessions range from an easy-to-manage 25 minute to 45-minute classes. 

WOOM in New York Raise your vibration at Woom Center that is all about sound, breath, silence and dance. Woom feels more earthy than other New York designer studios with teachers providing therapeutic experiences that nourish from the inside. Try scent-infused meditation classes where you may be blindfolded to enhance your senses or why not immerse yourself in a silent meditative dance, singing bowls or gentle chanting. As in the words of the wise Albert Einstein 'everything is vibration'.

UNPLUG in LA  Get hooked on healing at UNPLUG, a hip meditation studio where you may well find yourself meditating to Cold Play! Attracting a variety of meditation teachers, offerings range from Unplug Breath Work to Unplug Mantra, Aromatherapy Meditation and beyond.  They even host teens and family classes as well as a sublime Saturday night Sound Bath - all are geared to ease you into a meditative state of mind.

NATUROPATHICA in New York Recharge inside the Sensory and Meditation Lounge at Naturopathica Chelsea. This place is the ultimate one-stop-shop with a skincare apothecary store, herbal dispensary, tea and vitality bar, spa and meditation studio! Check out their Mindfulness Meditation classes held twice a week - you'll feel renewed in no time!

SACRED SPACE in New York 'Stop the tweet, reconnect’ is the mantra at Sacred Space, an all-white healing pod where New Yorkers escape to find inner calm. Select from one-on-one guided meditations, slow yoga or the Meditation Soundscape - a self-guided session centered around themes including healing, cleansing and sleep to re-wire your brain. This place is like being in another world. Awaken, heal and transform.

YELOSPA in New York In a city that never sleeps, could this be the ultimate express meditation modality? YeloSpa offers a great R&R  experience where you recline in a cocoon-shaped pod for twenty-minutes and emerge regenerated. And the benefits are many. According to Harvard research, a 20-minute nap three times a week can dramatically improve our heart health. Inside these pods, you can even customize scent and sound. Ideal for jet lag! 

EDITION HOTEL in Miami What's exciting is mainstream hotels are now offering meditation for wellness-minded guests. We recommend the Powernap at the Miami Beach EDITION Hotel. This ‘wow’ treatment consists of a massage with Binaural micro-current technology that stimulates the brain to help you achieve deep meditation and sleep. Mimicking the effects of a 4-hour nap in just twenty-minutes, this is one to remember after a night out Miami style or to fast track jet lag recovery.

DIY MINDFULNESS in Miami  We loved the Diy Mindfulness  treatment at The Standard Spa, also in Miami. You get comfy on a cushion with a blanket and headset and select from soothing sounds, healing bowls, and guided stillness. An alternative is the It’s all in the Mind treatment where you are massaged as you listen to holosync, a revolutionary system that induces brain wave patterns to induce deep meditation.

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