DETOX JOURNEY – a personal review

Want to feel more clear and energised? A detox retreat can be an amazing way to reset your mind and body. We chat to Sydneysider, Louise Barry, who has been detoxing annually for over a decade now…

How do you know when it’s time to do a detox retreat? Do you receive any symptoms from your body 'telling' you that it's time to take a break?

Yes my body shows signs of various intolerances and the detox helps breaks patterns and habits around making changes. I have been doing annual detox retreats since I was 27 and I am now 40. When I missed a few years my body eventually reminded me it was time again.

Do you prepare for your detox retreat to maximize the benefits such as stop drinking caffeine, sugar etc..…or just go cold turkey?

Yes I prepare. I eat vegetarian for the week leading up and reduce my tea from 3 to 1 cup per day for the week prior.

What sort of detox retreat works for you?

I have been attending Byron Bay Detox Retreats for the last three years. They offer a very comprehensive program consisting of a holistic approach including juices, broth, colonics, yoga, meditation, infrared sauna, workshops on mindfulness, sound healing and a range of supplement treatments from massage to voice dialogue therapy.

What are the challenges you usually experience in your detox and how do you move through these?

The most challenging part is the nausea and the lethargy, but it's usually only over a 24hour period and it comes in waves. I have learnt to just rest, not move too much, sleep, drink lots of water and make sure I attend the yoga to assist with detoxing the organs and breathing.

What are some of your favorite modalities to compliment your detox?

At Byron Bay Detox retreats I have a favourite Kahuna massage therapist but she's more than just Kahuna as she is a true bodyworker with forty years experience. I always include massage as it aids the process. I also have a Chi Nei Sang, an internal organs massage. I then choose from a range of treatments at the time depending on my needs and feelings. For example,a treatment to unblock stagnant energy, kinesiology etc

Where do you like to go on Detox and why? What are the highlights?

I started out doing regular fasts at Funkey Forest who aren't operating right now. I have also undergone Ayurvedic retreats as well as personalised retreats at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat. For the last three years I have been attending the Byron Bay Detox Retreat who I connected with because they are close to home and it's a great place for healing. I used to live around Byron Bay so I appreciate coming back. But really, now that I'm a married working mother with school age daughter, it is my excuse to get away and get time to myself. It feels like a true holiday. A real holiday where I leave relaxed and not more stressed as often family holidays can do!

Do you digitally detox during your retreats as well?

Yes always. My husband and I run our own company so I have to do some some minor computer work but other than that I avoid it 99%. I just read books and sleep!

How does a detox benefit your mind and emotional state?

There is something about stopping and slowing down, quieting things and relaxing that allow the space and clarity to focus on changes that need to be made. And then being given the strength and courage to make these changes back in the reality of our fast paced, often repetitive lives.

Do you usually continue your detox at home? i.e. have a day of juices or take any specific herbs and supplements?

Yes the first week I always consider that I am still breaking the fast so I ease into everything When you've fasted once and broken it with fast food you learn a very big lesson! Fasting is easy. It's breaking the fast that is the hardest. My first week is much like my preparation week prior.

Thanks for sharing Louise..we are definitely inspired to book in for a detox retreat!

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