This eco-retreat offers detox, bushwalking, fitness, healing and organic cuisine

Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat in Australia

Let's get this out of the way right now.  There's no TV here. Free wifi is not the highlight. Even making a phone call can be challenging.  Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat is situated on 200-hectares of true blue Australiana bush and is considered one of the world’s most pristine wellness retreat destinations.

This is the type of retreat you go for that much-needed digital detox.  This is the type of retreat you seek out when you have adrenal overload and need to give your system a break. This is the type of retreat where you get out there amongst nature and re-connect with your authentic self.  Gwinganna is the only eco-certified retreat in Australia and is all about organic, chemical-free, and deeper healing.

Every year, hundreds flock to the Gwinganna for their signature seven-day detox. Considered the cream-of-the-crop of detox, the program consists of cleansing cuisine, juices, yoga, hiking, fitness, daily treatments and so much more. There's no sugar, coffee or alcohol so wean yourself off these at least a week before. All this, plus inspiring workshops facilitated by leading health experts and authors.

If groups are not your thing, there's a slight chance that Gwinganna may not resonate. But nothing good ever comes out of staying inside your comfort zone. Feel reassured the atmosphere is very relaxed and there's plenty of time for nourishing me-time.

The beauty of Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat is they offer a diverse range of accommodations that cater to a variety of budgets.  Select from heritage suites or stay in a mudbrick house.  If you need a little luxury, opt for one of the eco-luxurious villas with your very own plunge pool. There’s also a couple of secluded villas where actors including Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman (Hugh came to Gwinganna several years ago on retreat and loved it so much he became a part-owner).

Get your chi moving with sunrise Qi Gong. Explore one of the sixteen bushwalks. Inhale fresh air into your lungs and remember what life was like before smart phones, stress and sleep disorder. Every retreat includes mind-expanding activities and workshops.  From sunrise Qi Gong and bush walks to yoga, dance, and pilates, your day will be filled with bountiful with activities to help you move move move.

It's reassuring to know that all the food on your plate is organic, pesticide-free and made with low human intervention (LHI). Even better, most ingredients are harvested on the property.  Meals are served communal style  - such a great way to connect with people from around the world. As well, workshops on how to grow your own herbs, organic food, and compost.

Every afternoon is Gwinganna Dreamtime and where most head to the Spa Sanctuary for delicious massages, scrubs, and rubs. All the treatments are organic and chemical-free. Offerings range from wild ‘free your spirit’ style indigenous rituals to Ayurveda, TCM and Reiki. Bathe your being in the Crystal Steam Room or opt for a more serious session such as the Holistic Iridology at the Wellness Center.

In summary, Gwinganna is known for life-changing and results-orientated retreats. It's high-calibre all the way. As well as the detox and optimum wellbeing programs, they offer a collection of date-specific getaways such as wellness weekends, women’s discovery and the three evils: Tripe S – sleep, sugar and stress.

Simply put: Gwinganna is our pick of one of Australia's best. Slow down, breathe fully, and give yourself permission to pause  - what are you waiting for?

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