The Siam in Bangkok

“Jab, kick, jab, kick” commands Khun Bee, the Muay Thai boxing master at The The Siam in Bangkok, situated along Bangkok’s Chao Praya River. On each morning of my three-day program, I suit up in the retro-glamorous inn’s custom black and white satin boxing shorts and sleek leather gloves embroidered with my name, because Bee promises Muay Thai is “fantastic for burning fat. It's a six pack short cut!” In fact, from my first punch at his sparing pad, I’m hooked. The Siam’s Muay Thai private one-day to weeklong training programs can be tailored to any level, from ring virgins like me to advanced boxers, and extend to daily treatments like Thai massage with herbal compresses and Sodashi facials in the hotel’s sublime Opium Spa.

The Siam Hotel
3/2 Thanon Khao, Vachirapayabal, Dusit,
Bangkok 10300, Thailand
T +66 (0) 2206-6999

Date of Visit: September 2014

Muay Thai boxing